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In my book, FENG SHUI YOUR LIFE, along with dozens of articles, TV shows, world-wide workshops and retreats, I share loads of  inspiration for creating a positive lifestyle as well as simple feng shui techniques for love, balance, success and prosperity.

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Jayme’s 2018 Rejuvenation Retreats 

Jayme will be leading three Rejuvenation Retreats in Sept/Oct 2018! Marrakech Morocco is definitely on the list and the other two are still being decided.

If you would like to receive advanced information about these retreats, email us here. Remember to visit our retreat page for all announcements and feel free to check out the experiences of our past guests!

We had a wonderful time in Slovenia, Veneto Italy and Southern Spain this past September. See all the photo highlights of our 2017 retreats HERE!

2017 Retreats Highlights - Jayme Barrett


Jayme’s book – Feng Shui Your Life!


The second edition of Jayme’s best-selling book is out! New information includes: mind/body balance, nurturing rituals, synchronicity, full moon instructions, house and office blessings, clutter-clearing action plan, storage solutions, designing outdoor rooms, Prosperity Meditation, moving in together, success boosters for your career, feng shui for your technology & more!

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Jayme’s BIO Jayme Barrett

For feng shui consultant Jayme Barrett, author of the best-selling book Feng Shui Your Life, creating an inspiring space can enrich your life with energy, harmony and prosperity. Jayme Barrett is a leading authority on Inspired Living and Feng Shui, specializing in techniques for personal fulfillment, prosperity and integrated health. Many of her clients come from Hollywood, including Mary Steenburgen, Ted Danson, Sela Ward, Alyson Hannigan, Chad Lowe, Suzan-Lori Parks as well as TV directors, fashion designers, and movie executives. Jayme was the national spokesperson and consultant for The Society of American Florists 2008 media and television campaign, “The Energy of Flowers.”

In addition to improving clients’ home and work spaces, Jayme leads workshops worldwide and has appeared in home-design segments for “The Today Show,” NBC, HGTV, Style Network, and E! Entertainment. Her work and writing has been featured in national newspapers and magazines, including Self Magazine, Health, ELLE, Body + Soul, Woman’s World, First for Women, Parents, Healing Lifestyles and Spas, Redbook, Delicious Living, Yogi Times, and Healthy Living Magazine. Jayme lives in Los Angeles and is available for residential and commercial feng shui consultations.

For more information on books, personal consultations or to sign up for her free newsletter, visit www.jaymebarrett.com. Jayme has recently launched a natural skin and body care line based on Pure Organic Argan Oil from Morocco called Zweena Body Care – Argan Beauty Elixirs of Morocco. Learn about Argan oil at ZweenaBodyCare.com

Feng Shui Your Life Reviews:

Jayme Barrett in front of Barnes and Noble when the 1st edition of her book, “Feng Shui Your Life” was published.

To buy the updated 2nd edition on Amazon, click here


“Books like “Feng Shui Your Life” usually languish on coffee tables, picked over like so many hors d’oevres. But this one is more than just a pretty face. It’s a practical, inspiring roadmap to clearing clutter from your life, and the first on feng shui I’ve seen that isn’t just for people who can afford to throw out their broken things and buy new ones. It is, in other words, a helpful basis for true change.” - Susan Salter Reynolds, Los Angeles Times Book Review

“My Feng Shui consultant, Jayme Barrett, has a wealth of knowledge. Her sense of humor and her practicality is what sets this book apart from others. She shares her beautiful sensibilities about how powerfully our thoughts and our words affect what we manifest in life. Most readers will be amazed at how, instinctively, they have always decorated their homes according to Feng Shui principles. This beautiful book will validate your own sensual instincts and teach you some wonderful new ideas as well. Feng Shui Your Life is informative, thorough –and fun, which, really, is what Feng Shui should be.”  - Oscar-winning actress Mary Steenburgen

“Feng Shui Your Life is for anyone who wants a happier life. It brims with easy-to-understand skills to turn your home and work space into beautiful, comfortable and optimally organized environments.” - Mark Victor Hansen, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Feng shui is not only an organizational tool for your home, it is a way of life. In this book, Jayme Barrett can help you discover a more energized and balanced lifestyle experiencing all the tranquility, vibrancy and clarity that comes when you Feng Shui Your Life.”  - Anthony Robbins, Author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

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